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“We were so busy scaling our business - we didn't have the time to wait on hold or to speak to tonnes of lenders, so we used Business Score”

Michael, Co-founder, Hofy

What's the Score?
Learn about the types of funding options available for eCommerce companies

The Trade Finance Loan AKA “The IOU”

Revenue-Based Finance AKA “The Flexible One”

The Line of Credit AKA “The Buffer”

Invoice Finance AKA “The Chaser”

The Business Loan AKA “The Traditional One”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this impact my credit score?

No - we do not run credit checks on you. We review each application before any application submissions are made and only to the lenders you are interested in.

How do you manage to offer a free service?

We receive a success fee from some of our partners, not you; however, we do not highlight commercial partners as our priority is serving you for the long run.

How can you save me money?

We search the market for 100s of funding options to ensure that you always access the best options for your company.

Why dont I go direct?

You can and feel free to! However, we know you’re busy and we’re here to save you the need of becoming a black-belt expert in business funding.

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