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Become a provider of capital to your business users.

Get started in record time with our developer friendly APIs or front-end widget.
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Provide up to £10m in capital to your business clients. Leverage our turnkey widget to access a best in class business lending marketplace.

Why Business Score?

Universal API for business lending

Our simple API integrations allows you to access the collective lending capacity of over 30 lenders.

We have done all the heavy lifting integrating into lenders, so you dont have to.
We build for 👨💻

Developer friendly

Use our extensive API and turnkey widget, allow you to get lending on your platform in record time.
Full visibility

One Dashboard to rule them all

Access your dashboard, review your current leads and expected income.
User centric

Powerful integrations under the hood

We are integrated into sales tools your customers use, open banking, companies house, stripe KYC, multiple lenders and more.

“The Business Score team were there to help at every step – they became an important partner throughout the project.”

Joe Cox,
eCommerce Accountants

Why partner with Business Score

Boost your income and make your service more valuable

Boost your income

Earn commission when we secure funding for your clients

Grow your client bottom line

Grow your pipeline through our network of eCommerce businesses

Make your service more valuable

Add lending to your service offering...think of us as your in-house funding team!

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Business Score brings together everything that’s required to integrate lending into your customer journey.

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