How ANNA created a Supportive Lending Environment for Customers through Business Score partnered with Business Score to create a supportive lending environment. Through seamless API integration, customers can easily apply for loans within the mobile app. This collaboration improved business operations, driving growth and revenue. Business Score stands out by offering valuable insights to loan applicants. Discover the power of strategic partnerships in delivering exceptional finance services.


This case study explores the partnership between and Business Score, highlighting their collaborative efforts to enhance business operations, provide comprehensive services, and streamline the loan application process for customers. The aim of this case study is to showcase the benefits and outcomes of this strategic partnership.

How a neobank built a supportive environment for their customers

The UK finance and start-up landscape is highly competitive, making it challenging to stand out. However, has found a way to differentiate itself. By leveraging Business Score, aimed to embody its vision of becoming a comprehensive platform that simplifies the lives of its customers.'s plan was to utilise Business Score's cutting-edge platform to offer loans. Recognizing that Business Score has already vetted all lenders and can provide reliable and high-quality lending packages, saw great potential in this partnership., which stands for "Absolutely No Nonsense Admin," takes a customer-centric approach by offering a suite of services that streamline various aspects of their lives. Some services are developed in-house, while others are offered through trusted third-party partnerships. envisions creating an ecosystem that empowers individuals to conduct business more efficiently.

The range of services provided by includes invoicing, payment tracking, tax calculations, and expense management. To ensure top-notch service, selectively collaborates with hand-picked partners, taking on the responsibility of managing these partnerships. This proactive approach allows customers to focus on their business while benefiting from's expertise in finding the best solutions. The partnership between and Business Score is centred around offering loans to customers through Business Score's user-friendly APIs and platform. This collaboration brings together the strengths of both companies to provide a seamless and efficient borrowing experience for's clientele.

How did the partnership between Anna and Business Score come about?

Initially, Anna piloted working with a number of partners directly and was not having a great deal of success. They quickly decided to change pace and bring in or work with somebody that had market expertise that could take a deal regardless of what it looked like or what the customer needed. They found Business Score, and the conversations they had impressed them. They felt that they were both in similar stages of their life cycle in terms of their growth journey, and they started to partner slowly but surely.

The fact that Business Score already had a number of brands on its panel that ANNA was familiar with and knew that its customers would be familiar with as well made ANNA more confident in partnering up with Business Score. Additionally, Business Score ticked the boxes in terms of having those partnerships onboarded and demonstrated quality of execution in the early stages.

How does the loan service work? has seamlessly integrated their mobile app with the services provided by Business Score. This integration has been achieved through a user-friendly API integration. customers can conveniently apply for a loan directly within ANNA's mobile app. The process involves utilising Business Score's platform, which enables the loan amount to be swiftly deposited into the customer's ANNA account. As a result, generates more revenue with each transaction.

The entire process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that's customers can complete the loan application without ever having to leave the ANNA app. This smooth and uninterrupted experience enhances customer convenience and satisfaction. has successfully processed hundreds of thousands of loans through Business Score. What's even more remarkable is that, to date, has not received a single complaint about the loan process or the service provided by Business Score! (We take immense pride in this achievement!)

How has the API integration with Business Score improved the company's business operations? has experienced substantial month-on-month growth, showcasing the enhanced efficiency and improved handling of cases through the API integration. With's chat-based facility, customers have the convenience of requesting updates anytime they desire, while the integration ensures swift processing of deals. As more deals are executed, the company witnesses a corresponding increase in revenue.'s in-house developers found the API documentation to be flawless and user-friendly, making it easy to comprehend and implement.

What makes Business Score DIFFERENT compared to other loan providers out there? emphasised that many online configurators simply deliver a straightforward "no" response without providing valuable insights into why a customer's application was rejected or offering guidance on how to enhance their chances in the future. This aspect falls short of ANNA's commitment to exceptional customer service. However, Business Score stands apart by skillfully declining applications without delivering a blunt rejection. Instead, they offer alternative options and provide suggestions on how the customer can improve their likelihood of obtaining a loan in the future. Additionally, Business Score extends another opportunity for customers to reapply in the near future, ensuring they don't miss out on potential financing possibilities.

Future Opportunities and Challenges and Business Score continue to explore new avenues for growth and innovation. recognizes an opportunity to cater to marketplace sellers by supporting their transaction-heavy businesses more effectively. Proactively promoting their business score proposition and increasing customer awareness are also areas for improvement.


The partnership between and Business Score has revolutionised the finance and startup landscape in the UK. By integrating their services and leveraging the expertise of Business Score, has successfully transformed the loan application process, prioritising customer satisfaction and providing valuable insights for future loan approvals. This collaboration showcases the power of strategic partnerships in driving business growth and delivering exceptional services to customers. and Business Score have set a remarkable example of how two organisations can work together to create a seamless and customer-centric ecosystem in the finance industry.

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