6 Funding Options Available for eCommerce Businesses

Funding Options for eCommerce: It can all be a bit confusing, can't it?

Hey, eCommerce business owner. We want to talk to you about funding options.

No, don't walk away.

We get it - it’s probably one of those tasks you keep putting off. It’s a lot to go through, with a lot of jargon to digest, and the running of your eCommerce company keeps you very busy.

But it is important, and that little bit of extra capital could be all the difference to your online business plans.

So that’s where Business Score come in.

We have created the quick guide you can see above that outlines the 6 most common types of funding for eCommerce companies. These finance options are:

The Business Loan - aka The Traditional One

Revenue-Based Finance - aka The Flexible One

The Line of Credit - aka The Buffer

The Trade Finance Loan - aka The IOU

Invoice Finance - aka The Chaser

The Business Credit Card - aka The Business Card

These funds all have their pros and cons. Some won't be suitable for your particular business model, while others will ease your cash-flow problems and help take you to that next level.

Don't panic - we've got you covered. Give us a ring on 020 331 812 63 to speak with one of our consultants, or drop Rich an email on rich@scorethebusiness.com, and we can chat you through your options.

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